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Redgum RGCD2 (The Beast!)

From the desk of Ray Hogan:  For my 50th birthday a replacement for my aged and unreliable cd player seemed the obvious present. "Which one?" was the real question. Answer: One with excellent sound quality, built to last and costing no more than $1,200.

After researching the usual suspects, I chose a machine that more than met my requirements for less than $1,000 and was available direct from the designer and manufacturer right here in Oz. And I got it a month early! 

The Perfect Beast comes from Redgum Audio, Australia. The "Ugly DACling", as he prefers to call it, is genetically engineered in Melbourne by Ian Robinson using the finest ingredients. Add electricity for superb sound quality. A simple formula!
The RGCD 2 is basically a high quality Digital to Analogue Converter (or DAC) plus a CD-ROM for disc transport and laser optics. It has a distinctly craftsman-like look and feel and is heavier than "equivalent" mass-produced players.
The distinctive solid Redgum fascia, characteristic of all Redgum products, drops down to reveal the power switch and the CD-ROM, which is mounted in the case with high quality electronics and one of the most revered DACs on the planet.
The no-frills arrangement for CD transport lacks all convenience features, including a display. As delivered, it is strictly a "hands-on" machine in all respects, but the DAC, which can also be had without the CD-ROM, can take the digital output of other transports, such as a DVD player, thus restoring all creature comforts found in a typical compact disc player. The "UglyDACling" thus provides a neat way of gaining and maintaining audiophile sound quality when upgrading your DVD player. (The in-built CD-ROM can serve as a convenient "spare" transport.) 


The Bottom Line
In a word, the sound quality is brilliant. It exceeded my expectations and justified the decision to purchase factory direct, without an audition. (I've been known in the past to take risks, but a money-back guarantee provided a parachute if required.)

The RG CD 2 breathes vitality, power and energy into cds and reveals musical information you never knew was there! Just the excuse to play all your cds again to check what you've been missing. At maximum volume of course!
It reproduces the subtle nuances and detail of the music with razor sharp focus and clarity, and handles the loud stuff with precision and control. Bass performance is particularly tight and precise.

As an Equal Opportunity machine it treats all music, from quiet country/folk to hard rock, equally accurately and with aplomb. No vices or prejudices here.
Frank Zappa has never sounded so good!! Ditto for everyone else!
One gets the distinct impression the performance is going down right in your room.

What more could you ask for?

If you're interested, check out
You can even email Ian and get the "good oil" for yourself.


From:  Ray Hogan

To:      Lindy Gerber

Subject: More of the Beast Unleashed!! (The Beast = Redgum RGCD2 Ed.)

My new cable arrived this morning and I have been listening to "it" for an hour or two. Without the facility to conduct a direct A/B test and not knowing what period to allow for "burn-in", I can say it does what I hoped it would do and probably a bit more.

Firstly, the bass is less woolly and more controlled/focussed and so is the rest of the audio spectrum. The music also seems to have more punch, bite or attack (highly technical terms!!) in addition to more detail. Provides a more lively sound stage. Sounds great! Without listening to the CD-ROM drive of the Beast again (which I will do), I would say it presents the same "WOW" factor as my initial listen to the Beast.

I had noted that the DVD transport/Neotech cable did not produce as clean a sound as The Beast as delivered, but I accepted this as a price to pay for a bit more convenience. Of course all this means is I am now able to conveniently extract more of the (latent) potential of The Beast by feeding it bigger, better, brighter and faster bits! The Beast deserves the best diet of enhanced electrons you can afford!!

Rock On!!

Ray Hogan

Music is the Best!  I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.


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