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   Guitar Discussion Forums


Harmony Central

Discussion forums at Harmony Central for guitar players, keyboard players & drummers, songwriters, teachers & those interested in recording.  Click here to view all forums, or select one of the individual discussion boards from the list below:

General Forums

  • Craig Anderton's Sound Studio & Stage
    Welcome to cyberspace's longest-running virtual party for musicians!
  • The SSS Political Party
    A place for musicians to share their thoughts on political and social issues.
  • Backstage With The Band
    If you play in a band, this is the place to talk about gigging, how to promote your band, getting along with your bandmates, and all things band related! Whether you're world famous or a weekend warrior, you're welcome here!
  • Open Jam
    Step up and post ... all musicians welcome!
  • The Music Biz
    Discuss career and industry issues including promotion, distribution, tours, and managers.
  • Songwriting
    Often overlooked and underappreciated, crafting the perfect tune is an art all its own.
  • MonsterRack
    Discuss the Harmony Central Monster Rack Service.

Guitar Forums

  • Guitar Jam
    For guitar-related topics not falling into the categories below.
  • Electric Guitars
    Eveything electric, from strings and pickups to construction and modding. On-topic posts only.
  • Acoustic Guitars
    Home for flatpickers and fingerpickers to share their advice and knowledge. Strictly on-topic only.
  • Amps
    How to find the right amp and maximize the tone of your current amp.
  • Effects
    Stomp boxes, multi-effects, and towering racks..
  • The Lesson Loft
    Lessons from what to look for in a guitar to theory, practical use of knowledge, to recording. The total guitar experience. Strictly on topic only.
  • Cool Jam
    A slower pace, more mellow forum for general guitar talk.
  • Bass Forum
    Discuss electrics, uprights, amps, effects, and playing in the pocket.

Recording/Live Sound Forums

  • Phil O'Keefe: In The Studio Trenches
    From novice to professional, pre-production to final release, it's all about the recording process -- gear, production, art, arranging, and more
  • Recording Forum
    Trade studio secrets! Get advice on gear, production, monitoring, mastering, and room design.
  • Live Sound & Production
    From your first gig to a tour, what your audience will hear is key.
  • Lighting
    Great sound doesn't always mean a great show -- make use of other senses to pull an audience in.

Other Instruments/DJ

  • Keys, Synths & Samplers
    Synths, pianos, software, analog, digital, modeling, virtual instruments, programming tips...this is the place on the web for discussions, debates, opinions and assistance.
  • Drum Forum
    The latest on kits, percussion, styles, and practice tips for deep groovin'
  • The DJ Booth
    Get advice on turntables, CD players, scratching, mixing, and other tight-set techniques.

Software & Computers

  • Hardware & Accessories
    Audio interfaces, complex MIDI setups, and related technology like USB and FireWire.
  • Windows
    Get a hand in making sense of all the complexities the modern-day PC brings.
  • MacOS
    Maximize the music making potential of your Macintosh.

International Forums

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Guitar Talk (Acoustic Guitar Central)

Discussion forums at Guitar Talk for guitar players, teachers, luthiers & classical guitarists.  Click here to view all forums, or select one of the individual discussion boards from the list below:

  • Gear
    This is the place to discuss guitars and gear.
  • Players
    Drop by to talk about players and recordings, share concert reviews, and more.
  • Playing Guitar
    Ask a question or share your wisdom on playing the guitar: technique, theory, and more.
  • Luthiers' Corner
    A special place for luthiers, makers, and menders to meet and swap ideas, tips, lies, and folklore about stringed instruments. Everyone is welcome, but please keep your posts related to the technical aspects of instrument repair or building, and related techniques. More general questions about guitar design and gear are better suited to the Gear forum.
  • For Beginners
    Beginners' instruments, books, teachers, songs, technique...everything you always wanted to know about learning to play the guitar.
  • For Teachers
    This is a forum for guitar teachers and anyone interested in teaching guitar. The emphasis is on acoustic instruments and styles, but music and axes of all persuasions are welcome. Share your favorite resources, teaching tips, and pedagogical insights with your fellow instructors.
  • Lessons
    Need some help with an Acoustic Guitar lesson? Ask questions, post tips, and get advice from the experts at A.G. about our book, magazine, and on-line lessons.
  • Classical Corner
    The Classical Corner is the home for all classical-guitar enthusiasts, Latin-music fans, flamenco mavens, and anyone who has questions or opinions about the craft, lore, and technique of the nylon-string guitar.
  • Gigs, Workshops & Gatherings
    News about Guitar Talk open mics and gatherings, upcoming acoustic-music concerts, festivals, workshops, classes, performances, and gigs of all sorts. If you have a performance coming up, share the news with Guitar Talk.
  • Trading Post
    An unmoderated forum for buying and selling guitars and accessories.
  • Lost, Stolen or Strayed
    Missing an instrument? Post a description, serial number, and details about the loss. You can even post a link to an image of your absent treasure. String Letter Publishing makes no claims and takes no responsibility for the veracity of any posts made in this forum.

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Guitar Principles - Classic Forum

Classic forum where guitar players of all styles including rock, blues, jazz, folk and classical discuss pain, injury, posture, tension, exercises, including: 

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Fender Forums

Browse the forums below for discussion on  all things related to Fender guitars, basses, amps, modifications and repairs, performing, recording, and product reviews.

  • The Fender Discussion Page
    A moderated forum which is privately owned, but monitored by Fender who participate as time permits.  Very good variety of discussion boards covering everything related to Fenders.
  • Fender Talk
    Fender discussion group and Guitar Forum bulletin board.  More than twenty forum boards covering wide range of discussion categories.
  • The Fender Forum
    Information and discussion about Fender guitars and amps serving Fender guitar and amp enthusiasts worldwide.
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