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Left Handed Guitar Resources


Discussion Forums

Online discussion forums are a great way to find tips, hints, feedback and advice from other left-handed guitar players who share similar experiences and problems as you may have. Here you can meet others like yourself, talk and debate in a friendly manner, swap stories, ideas and generally chew the fat!
There's no need to re-invent the wheel - someone, somewhere online has the answer to your questions.  Check some of the boards and discussion threads below to browse "lefty guitarist" discussions.

  • Fender Discussion Page - Lefty Forum
    A moderated forum which is privately owned, but monitored by Fender who participate as time permits.  This discussion board specifically for talk about all things relating to left handed guitarist issues.

    Discussion forums for all things left-handed.  Check out the forum index to browse through the wide variety of topic categories, or go directly to the left-handed guitar forum.
  • Metafilter
    Discussion thread featuring several left-handed guitarists and their experiences.
  • Acoustic Guitar Forum
    Long discussion thread about the advantages and disadvantages of a "lefty" playing "righty".
  • Playing Lefty FAQ
    Stéphane Boucher's summary of arguments appearing in various newsgroup discussions.  Features the advantages and disadvantages of available options to left-handed guitarists (playing left handed guitars, playing right handed guitars, playing right handed guitars upside-down, etc

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Left-Handed Resource Sites

Check out the sites below which cater for the needs of left-handed people, and have specific pages for left-handed guitarists/musicians.

  • Anything Left Handed
    Was the first specialist left-handed business in the world and has run a left-handed shop in London since 1968.  Run by a group of left-handed people, the business aims to provide products and information to make life a bit easier for left-handers around the world.  A specialty category for guitarists provides information and products such as starter acoustic guitars, thumb picks and books on left-handed guitar method, chords and scales
  • Lefty's Resource Centre
    Lefty’s Resource Centre is a library of information and links all about left-handedness – the problems, the opportunities and the advantages. Left-handed products are also available, from the essential and practical (including guitarists) through to novelty gift ideas for left-handers.

    A UK-based site providing left-handed products and discussion forums relating to all things left-handed.  A good site for discussion, featuring a guitarist discussion board, but no products specifically for guitarists.

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