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Luthiers' Resources

Discussion Forums for Luthiers

The discussion forums listed below are for luthiers and guitarists who wish to share technical information, experiences and advice related to instrument repair or building. A wonderful resource for the technically minded!

  • Acoustic Guitar Central - Luthiers' Corner
    A special place for luthiers, makers, and menders to meet and swap ideas, tips, lies, and folklore about stringed instruments. Everyone is welcome, but posts must be related to the technical aspects of instrument repair or building, and related techniques.

  • ASIA Luthier Discussion Forum
    The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) was established in 1988 to help provide a sense of community and professionalism to the field of stringed instrument making and repair. Join the ASIA discussion forum to share luthier-related information.

  • Musical Instrument Makers Forum
    An interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument design, construction, and repair.  For the last eight years, MIMF has been one of the premier sites for instrument builders. The forum welcomes builders of all instruments at any skill level from beginner to expert.
  • 13th Fret Lutherie Forum
    Discussion forum at covering four lutherie categories:  Setup & Repair Issues; Tonewood, Construction & Finishing Issues; I Built This Guitar; Miscellaneous.

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Instrument Makers & Repairers

  • Gryphon Stringed Instruments
    Founded in
    1969 by Frank Ford and Richard Johnston, Gryphon's initial focus was on building and repairing instruments. In 1973 they opened a the Gryphon storefront, and quickly became the San Francisco Bay areas leading source of mandolins, banjos, and acoustic guitars.  Although this put an end to luthiery, they have since built an awesome reputation for providing lots of information about their products, with the expert ability to repair and maintain what they sell.

  • Redgate Guitars
    Based in Adelaide Australia, Jim Redgate has built guitars since 1984. He holds a Bachelor of Music Performance in Classical Guitar from the Elder Conservatorium and is an accomplished player. This enables him to competently evaluate the guitar from a players perspective, which is a rare skill among luthiers. Jim Redgate's workmanship is impeccable and his wood working skill, intuitive.

  • Daisy Rock Guitars
    Daisy Rock Guitars build guitars specifically designed for female guitar players.  The guitars have slimmer necks than standard guitars, making playing easier for people with smaller hands. Daisy Rock guitars are also lightweight and contoured for comfort so they won't overpower those with a small build.

  • Sadowsky Guitars
    Highest quality Fender-style guitars from New York City.  In 1979, Roger Sadowsky opened his shop with seven years of guitar-making and repairs under his belt.  The business has grown over the years, and now has a dedicated crew of professionals who share Roger's passion for making exquisite guitars and basses.

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Luthiers' Supplies

The following are links to sites where you can purchase luthier supplies on-line.  Products include the woods, supplies and tools used by guitar makers, in fact everything needed for building and repairing stringed instruments.

  • Luthiers Mercantile International
    Specialising in wood, supplies and tools for the guitar builder.  Knowledgeable staff available to recommend woods, parts, tools and instructional materials to make any project successful.  They also offer numerous services to assist with those procedures you're not geared to do yourself.  Recently joined by the wonderful Frank Ford (from as chief luthier.

  • Stewart-MacDonald
    Stewart-MacDonald has the hard-to-find tools, parts, and supplies needed by builders and repair shops. With a staff of experienced luthiers, they also design and manufacture tools specifically for the needs of professional instrument makers and repair shops. Their manufacturing shop in Ohio also creates instrument kits of particularly high quality.
  • Allied Lutherie
    Allied Lutherie was formed in 2000 by Todd Taggart, former president of LMI, and a founder of The Luthier’s Mercantile —this year marks 26 years in the lutherie supply business.  Supplying woods, tools, and parts as well as educational associations and resources for budding luthiers.

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Luthiers' Resources

If you are seeking advice, tips or information that is technical in nature, you'll find a wealth of good quality help from the links below.

  • Luthier Technical Q & A
    Frequently asked questions as well as specific problem solving.  Responses by Frank Ford and a panel of five expert luthiers.

  • Luthier Resources
    Tips, advice, links and information about parts, materials, repairs, structural issues, finishing, woods, etc. Covers the guitar, banjo, ukulele, harp and mandolin.  Over 1,200 pages and 10,000 photographs from the wonderful Frank Ford at
  • Notes From an Amateur Luthier
    Kathy Matsushita has documented the process of building a guitar from a kit, including basic tools and tools of the trade pages. She's built several more guitars since, and has posted information about tools, jigs, methods, etc. Be sure to explore her pages thoroughly so you don't miss anything. A wonderful site, more useful than many sites put up by the pros!

  • Online Apprentice
    David Schramm's free online classical guitar building course.  This was available as a free interactive 15-month course to the first 60 people who signed up.  The course is full, but the rest of the world can still audit. Lessons are being posted according to the schedule posted at the website and are reasonably up-to-date.
  • MIMF Links Page
    The Musical Instrument Makers Forum has links to over 400 pages on acoustic guitar building, electric guitar making, violin making, dulcimer making, mandolin building, and all other types of lutherie.  Also includes pickup making, winding, and rewinding; flute, recorder, and bagpipe making; brass instrument building and repair; drum making; experimental musical instruments construction and design. There are also  pages on woodworking, metalworking, and guitar finishing and refinishing.
  • Guild Of American Luthiers
    The Guild of American Luthiers is a non-profit educational membership organization, formed in 1972 to advance the craft of string instrument making and repair (lutherie), through a free exchange of information.  Its quarterly journal, American Lutherie,  is devoted entirely to stringed instrument making and repair.

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