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Mp3 Music and Games


What is MP3?
MP3 is an obscure compression format that has changed the music industry forever.  Short for Moving Picture Experts Group, Audio Layer III, MP3 compresses audio files with only a small sacrifice in sound quality.

MP3 files can be compressed at different rates, but the more they are shrunk, the worse the sound quality. A standard MP3 compression is at a 10:1 ratio, and results in a file that is approximately 4 MB for a three-minute track. 

Today there are over 240 million users trading Mp3's on legal file-sharing networks. Sharing is not illegal as long as you obey all the relevant copy-right laws, but the sharing of copy-righted material without permission is illegal.


The sites below do not condone piracy or the breaking of copy-right laws, and provide clear and concise information about staying legal whilst sharing Mp3 music and games.


    Unlimited download of Mp3 music, DVD movies, games and software.  Highest quality CD sound.  Over 12 billion music files to choose from, with no annoying pop-ups or spyware. Unlimited technical support, Macintosh and AOL compatible.


    Unlimited music download, with no download fees.  Over 12 billion files online, including all favourite artists.  Highest quality Mp3 music formats, with free software and tools. Friendly technical support.
  • Internet Downloads
    Secure, legal, high speed service.  Huge database with over 9 billion files.  No spyware or adware.  Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.  Very easy to use, with excellent movie and music quality.  Reliable technical support and 45 day trial refund guarantee.

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