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       Careers In Music


Browse below to read a selection of interesting and informative articles relating to careers in music.

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Music Career Resource Sites

Browse below to find information and career resources for musicians seeking to acquire skills and knowledge for making a career in music.

  • Music
    This website focuses on the working side of a life in music. While there is a strong interest among young musicians on how to "make it" in the business, this web site also deals with some non-traditional music careers.
  • Solo Performer
    Robert Rosenblatt's column covering the business and legal issues which relate to songwriting, managers, agents and performing. The purpose of this column is to provide career guidance from the perspective of an entertainment lawyer

  • Berklee College of Music
    Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music is the world's largest independent music college and the premier institution for the study of contemporary music.
  • A&R Online
    A&R Online is an organization that deals with major and independent record labels on a daily basis. Companies who need to be in touch with what is going on at street level when it comes to new artists use A&R Online as that direct connection. Record company reps will peruse the database looking for artists and groups that might be suitable to add to their roster, without having to leave their office chair to do so.

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Videos, DVD's and Books

If you are interested in buying books, DVD's or videos about careers in music, you can browse below to find a selection from our associates at, the world's largest online retail store. 


The Everything Home Recording Book.  In this highly accessible work, accomplished musician and teacher Marc Schonbrun guides you step by step through the basics of home recording.

From setting up your studio and editing tracks to creating your own professional demo, The Everything(r) Home Recording Book features vital tips such as buying recording equipment, how to record on digital and non-digital media, and how to mix your recordings like a pro.  You can also find out how to improve acoustics, add effects and choose the right microphone for the job.



Complete Guide To Film Scoring.  
George Burt, a music professor with extensive film scoring experience, offers what amounts to a textbook for aspiring film composers, one that employs many musical examples from film scores by the big gun film composers. 

The book includes such practical details as timing, synchronization, use of the synthesizer, and mixing and dubbing. Although fairly technical, Burt's effort will interest, besides budding film composers, those interested in the nuts and bolts of film scoring.



The Musicians Handbook.  Finally, a book written by a musician for musicians. In The Musicianís Handbook, veteran musician Bobby Borg reveals over 35 inspirational and proactive strategies for pursuing a successful career in the music industry. 

This indispensable primer provides comprehensive coverage of the four types of business relationships, the five key people a musician needs to succeed and the four major sources of music revenue. Loaded with invaluable information and contacts that can mean the difference between succeeding and failing in the music industry



Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook.  A grassroots guide by self-marketing wizard Bob Baker.  With this manual, you'll discover that marketing doesn't have to be expensive to be effective.  The book provides dozens of simple, high-impact ways to promote yourself, your band or your new release.

You'll also find tips for substantially increasing CD sales, and the important elements of creating a killer press-kit.  An honest, caring, easy-to grasp presentation, which is factual and painfully realistic. For a non-performing artist whose does all studio work, Bob Baker is a master of music marketing.



Melody In Songwriting.   A comprehensive guide by Jack Perriconeunlocking the secrets of hit songs, examining them, and revealing why they succeed.

Melody in Songwriting proves that talent is not enough without practice and constant self-development. It teaches you to combine both your inner creative and your hard work.  There are also some tunes extremely well analyzed and demonstrating the logical development inside the great hits. A must have book to improve your songwriting skills.
Well written, clearly laid out, offering the reader a methodical approach to writing better melodies.



How To Write Songs On Guitar.   By Rikky Rooksby.  This is a great resource for any guitarist who already knows the basics, not just songwriters.  It is written specifically for writing songs on the guitar.

The book provides a wealth of progressions, and examples of popular songs that use those progressions. It also presents a useful, in-depth discussion of key changes within songs, what works, what doesn't.

Also included are chapters on composing lyrics, structuring songs, finding subjects, avoiding cliches, making demos. A must have for anyone interested in writing or playing popular music.



DVD - Roger McGuinn's Guide To Home Recording On A Computer.   For beginners who want to make their own home recordings. Using his compelling song "May The Road Rise" as an example, he replicates the process by which he records a song, from conception to final product. 

On this DVD, he demonstrates, step-by-step, how he lays down the basic tracks, overdubs his vocals, adds harmonies and guitar riffs, doubles the parts and comes up with a complete recording.  Finally, you'll see how Roger mixes the result to a two-track sterro file and burns it to a CD.

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