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   Self-Recording Resources



Browse below to read a selection of interesting and informative articles relating to home recording, home recording equipment and preparing to record with your own money.

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Discussion Forums

The discussion forums and groups below relate to recording techniques, mixing, mastering and using music making software.

  • Sound On Sound Forums
    Discussion groups include music recording technology, music making on PC, Macintosh, Atari, Linux and web.  Also available are forums on studio design & acoustics, guitar technology and live sound, as well a forum for discussing all business-related aspects of the "music business"

  • Home BBS
    Popular bulletin board with wide variety of forums.  Equipment forums include microphones, the rack, guitars, keyboards & sound modules, drums & percussion.  Also general boards with discussion relating to recording techniques, mixing and mastering, MIDI, DJ, songwriting and studio building.

  • Software & Computer Support Board
    Discussion regarding computers, studio and music related hardware and software for MAC and PC.

               - n-Track Studio 4
                 Music recording software suitable for beginners 
    The official Cubase support network provided by Steinberg.
               - Mac Music Forums
Solutions, questions, & discussion with other macmusicians
               - PC Music Forums
Technical PC forums for aspiring and professional musicians.

  • MARSH Song Critique Forum
    ProSoundWeb's MARSH forum where you can have your songs, mixes and arrangements evaluated by some of the top working professionals in the audio biz.  The moderators all offer a very strong understanding of what goes into a good song and a good mix.  Log in to the main MARSH index for wider discussions relating to recording.  (MARSH stands for 'Musicians', Artists' & Recordmakers' Superfine Hang-out' -- need we say more?)

  • Studio-Central Community Forums
    Visitors the Studio-Central community forums get together to talk about their home studios, gear, projects, and help each other out. "Newbies" as well as professionals participate in these forums. 

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Self-Recording Resource Sites

Browse the sites below for interesting and informative facts for musicians seeking to record their own music or build a home recording studio.

  • Music
    This website focuses on the working side of a life in music. Their "In The Studio" pages cover topics such as recording on a budget, and building a home recording studio from scratch.
  • is a web community for all aspects of the professional sound industry including live sound, installed sound, recorded sound, lighting, and industry business trends. PSW features the cream when it comes to knowledgeable forum moderators.

  • The Recording Website
    recording begins and advances at Recording Website, where you can learn the basics, get and give recording advice and get a wealth of recording resources, such as tips and articles.
  • Studio Tips
    Information about acoustics, wiring and production tips for project studios, sound systems, and audiovisual installation. The aim of Studio Tips is to cover everything from soundproofing your practice room to building a studio from the ground up.
  • Mark
    Excellent set of articles documenting bass guitarist, Mark TAW's plan and subsequent execution to build a home recording studio.

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Videos, DVD's and Books

If you are interested in buying books, DVD's or videos about self-recording and producing your own music, browse below to find a selection from our associates at, the world's largest online retail store. 


The Everything Home Recording Book.  In this highly accessible work, accomplished musician and teacher Marc Schonbrun guides you step by step through the basics of home recording.

From setting up your studio and editing tracks to creating your own professional demo, The Everything(r) Home Recording Book features vital tips such as buying recording equipment, how to record on digital and non-digital media, and how to mix your recordings like a pro.  You can also find out how to improve acoustics, add effects and choose the right microphone for the job.



Recording In The Digital World - Complete Guide To Studio Gear and Software.  by Thomas E Rudolph & Vincent A. Leonard Jnr.   Creating high-quality digital recording does not require buying the most expensive equipment, but it does require buying the right equipment and knowing how to use it. This book provides professional advice and recommendations on studio equipment, software and the latest technologies, plus practical tips for creating, editing and mastering digital recordings. Perfect for professional musicians, music educators and hobbyists who want to explore the world of digital recording.



Understanding Audio - Getting The Most Out Of Your Project Or Professional Recording Studio.  by Daniel M. Thompson An immensely practical and comprehensive volume exploring the fundamentals of audio and acoustics that impact every stage of the music making process. 

Perfect for musicians setting up their first ProTools project studio or seasoned recording professionals eager to fill in the gaps of their audio knowledge.  From start to finish, explanations of concepts, processes, and technical definitions are abundantly clear and free of unnecessary techno-babble.



Mastering Audio - The Art and The Science.  by Bob KatzThis book explains leading-edge audio concepts in an easy-to-grasp, holistic manner, including an ear-opening investigation of the mysteries of jitter, dither and word lengths, high sample rates, distortion, headroom, monitor calibration, metering, depth perception, compression and expansion, equipment interconnection and much more.

Mastering Audio is for everyone who wants to increase their mastery of digital and analog audio: musicians, producers, A&R, mastering, recording and mixing engineers, and students.  This book is sure to become the 'Industry Bible' on mastering audio. Highly recommended



DVD - Roger McGuinn's Guide To Home Recording On A Computer.   For beginners who want to make their own home recordings. Using his compelling song "May The Road Rise" as an example, he replicates the process by which he records a song, from conception to final product. 

On this DVD, he demonstrates, step-by-step, how he lays down the basic tracks, overdubs his vocals, adds harmonies and guitar riffs, doubles the parts and comes up with a complete recording.  Finally, you'll see how Roger mixes the result to a two-track sterro file and burns it to a CD.

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