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Learning To Play Guitar


Check out these great guitar lessons!

(You'll find something here for everyone)

Playing guitar is great fun. The basic techniques are easy, and there are many ways you can get help in becoming a skilled guitar player. The hard part is knowing which is the right website, or which techniques and learning methods will work for your guitar playing.

Because the web is a great place to improve your knowledge and your guitar  technique, we have selected the absolutely best guitar learning resources we can find. Check out the list of sites below. 

You will find there is something here for everyone, no matter what your level of guitar playing experience or preferred style of learning.  Some of these sites offer FREE information, and some cost a few dollars - but overall, the dollars you spend will be well worth the value of the info you receive!


Guitar Lessons & Learning Material

 Guitar Made Simple

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'Guitar Made Simple' is an extremely well thought out beginners program, with a very thorough and personal approach to help you easily learn how to play the guitar... correctly!  So much more than trying to learn alone with just a book, this brilliant system connects with you as if an instructor is right with you in your own home. Visit our Guitar Made Simple review page to find out more - don't delay! 


Guitar Tips - Exclusive Private Website
Members have instant access to this private website from anywhere in the world. If you want to learn to play the electric/acoustic guitar in 30 days, you simply must check this out.  Visit our  Guitar Tips review page now - don't delay! 


Guitar Alliance

Guitar is a comprehensive members only training program in the best and most effective popular techniques, styles, fundamentals and progressive topics for the guitar.  Whether you're interested in blues, rock or pop, you will find some of the most useful information on the Web at Guitar Alliance. 

Kenny Mann has created a great site which suits both learners and the more advanced guitarist. It delves into the depths of theory, chords and scales and is jam packed with info!  Also included are some videos as well as a chat room.  Lots of free information also available on this website, so click here to check it out now.     Read Review


Outstanding Guitar


Cory Linnís method of teaching guitar is second to none. His step-by-step process to visually teach chords in addition to strumming and picking patterns is at the cutting edge of guitar learning materials.

These easy-to-follow videos really make learning to play the guitar "a walk in the park!" Now featuring 70 powerful, step-by-step instructional videos... The Outstanding Guitar Video Course was created to be an innovative, online learning system designed for the beginner guitarist. Visit Oustanding Guitar now to find out more and order your videos.


Learn to play jazz guitar at the highest level in the shortest possible time with this complete guitar home study course.  Internationally acclaimed recording artist Chris Standring has written a proven jazz guitar method with "Play What You Hear - a melodic approach to jazz improvisation for guitar". He walks you through all the required musical areas necessary to become a truly masterful player. 

With this home study course you can, in your own time, teach your fingers to obey what your ear tells you - all in a relatively short space of time. Can you imagine how fulfilling this would be?  Click here to check it now.   Read Review


Jamorama - The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit
Jamorama is the mother of all guitar learning packages. It covers everything you need to know about learning to play guitar, step-by-step from beginner, right through to advanced playing. Guaranteed to improve the playing level of any guitarist. Visit our Jamorama  review page to check it now.


Musician War - Online Music Competition
Play Guitar Like A Pro, With the Pros! Learn from the best.  Musicians throughout the world have joined together as never before possible.  These guys are really amazing musicians, who are working together as never possible before the internet. Highly addictive, tons of fun. Check it out. Many amazing guitar players, some touring and famous musicians.

Click here to go to their site now. It has tons of mp3s, guitar tabs and midis. We highly recommend it!



Vocal Release: This excellent program was developed so people could learn how to sing or write songs the right way from the start. It also suits singers who are interested in singing at star quality, and those wanting to develop singing ability in the shortest time possible.  Perfect for guitar players who want to sing vocals at their gigs!

In this kit, you will learn techniques that will enable you to sing in a commercial voice that can be applied to Rock, Pop, Rap, R&B, and Country Music. A classical and or choir approach to singing will not develop a commercial voice! Vocal Release is specifically aimed at learning how to sing commercially. 

Learn to Sing at home now!