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        Guitar Tips & Techniques

In this section, you will find information, tips and advice to help you learn the different techniques used to play the guitar.  The technique lessons below are from our friends at Guitar Alliance and contain guitar Tab notation and sound files to assist in your learning.


  • Vibrato
    Vibrato adds a lot of personality to your playing. Most great guitar players have a distinct vibrato.

  • Hammer-Ons
    A hammer-on is a simple technique of "hammering" on the fretboard with one of your fingers to produce a note instead of picking the note.
  • Pull-Offs
    Pull-offs are performed by picking the first note and "pulling-off" to sound the second note without picking it.

  • Slides
    A slide is just what it sounds like; sliding your finger either up, down, to or from notes.

  • Tremelo Picking and Trills
    A trill is performed by quickly hammering-on and pulling-off two notes.; sliding your finger either up, down, to or from notes.

  • Fretboard Tapping
    Tapping is the technique that guitarist Eddie Van Halen made famous.

  • Learning To Play Chords
    An introduction to chords and the CAGED fretboard system.  Chords are three or more notes played at the same time.

  • The Guitarists' Guide to Scales
    Scales are the building blocks of music.  Understanding scales is about as essential to a guitarist as water is to fish.

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