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   Musicians Health


  • Guitar-Fit   *Soon to be Released*
    Powerful health secrets for musicians and guitar players!
    Like athletes, players of most musical instruments face at least some risk of repetitive stress injury. And like professional athletes, the answer to optimum, pain-free performance is not one particular thing, but a combination of many.

    This brilliant e-book draws from recognised professionals and experts in many fields, and covers a wide range of preventative and restorative approaches, some conventional medicine, and some not.  Written from a lay person's perspective it is well laid out, clear and easy-to-read, providing guitarists and musicians with the information and resources to find the perfect, most effortless, natural and graceful way to play.  Some of the many topics covered include:
    • Exercise & practice techniques
    • Injuries and medical care
    • Posture and stretching
    • Nutrition
    • Internal attention/relaxation
    • Body movement/body map
    • Chiropractic care
    • Physical therapies
    • Breathing/performance anxiety
    • Hand health

    Watch out for this soon to be released book!  Find out the particular techniques that work for you and learn how to gain amazing strength and dexterity while avoiding the notorious pain and injuries which plague many guitar players.

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Musicians Health & Injury Discussion Forums

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Musicians Health DVD's and Books

If you are interested in buying musician's health material on-line, you can browse below to find a selection of books & DVD's from our associates at, the world's largest retail store online.  Information available from these books is essential for all musicians. String (including guitar players), keyboard, percussion, harp, brass and wind players will play better and feel better.

  The Athlete Musician An innovative approach that teaches musicians how to prevent and manage injuries, presented in a unique format that combines sound medical protocol with a musician's point of view.

It gives easy-to-follow instructions for safe warming up, exercises and stretches to do at home and even some for doing on stage, ways to avoid injury and means to stay healthy when one has recovered. The psychological and social aspects which confront injured musicians are sensitively dealt with in "The Athletic Musician".  Every musician who wants to avoid a playing injury or is recovering from such an injury should own this book

  The Inner Game of Music By the best-selling co-author of Inner Tennis, here's a book designed to help  musicians overcome obstacles, help improve  concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to  reach new levels of performing excellence and  musical artistry

The Inner Game of Music does an ingenious job of simplifying the psychology and spirituality of playing music into something practical by putting aside debatable beliefs about ego, id, subconscious, conscious, etc, and focusing simply on whether you are playing your inner game or losing it.

  Playing (less) Hurt is a readable and comprehensive guide and reference for all concerned with pain in musical work: professional and amateur musicians, teachers and students, doctors and therapists. This book is essential for all musicians. String, keyboard, percussion, harp, brass and wind players will play better and feel better.

The ground Janet Horvath covers is immense, written with knowledge, understanding, style, aplomb and humor.  The Injury Prevention Guide For Musicians is the culmination of 20 years of lecturing and teaching in the field of Performing Arts Medicine.

  As a musician, deciding to study the Alexander Technique may be one of the smartest decisions you ever make.

Body Learning by Michael Gelb is a clearly written and easy to understand book introducing the Alexander Technique.  The clear explanations in this book should help you before and after this decision as there is so much mis-information about the techniques.

Easy to read, entertaining, cogent, and reflective

  The Alexander Technique DVD by Jane Kosminsky, a former dancer who is well versed in the history and method of the Alexander Technique.

According to proponents of this century-old technique, popular with entertainers and musicians, by changing your posture you can look, move, and even breathe better.  Developed by an actor who lost his voice due to improper posture, the Alexander Technique involves a series of subtle changes in stance and movements, that once learned, can be incorporated into every facet of life.

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Musicians Health Articles

Browse below to read a selection of interesting and informative articles relating to musician's health and injury issues.

  • Oh My Aching Back!
    Article from Victor Sazer who outlines how poor posture and seating is one of the main causes of back pain in musicians.  Understanding the anatomy of sitting is a therefore vital first step to re-evaluating sitting habits for musicians.

  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders In Musicians
    Until recently very few studies or surveys were performed to elucidate the widespread nature of injuries associated with musicians. Like athletes, musicians perform for the public; and like professional athletes, they can lose their jobs if they donít perform. But only athletes work with physicians and trainers almost daily.

  • What To Do About Performance Anxiety. 
    y Barbara Conable, this excellent article defines the various feelings of performance fear, terror, dread or panic, and the effect they have on musians' performance.  She then covers techniques and remedies which musicians can implement for overcoming the anxiety.

  • Ease Performance Anxiety Naturally
    Performance anxiety can range from mildly annoying to completely incapacitating. Here is a simple, yet powerful technique David Nesmith   has used in his performing and teaching to deal successfully with this reaction.

  • How to Resolve Dystonias: A Movement Perspective
    By Barbara Conable. 
    Musicians worldwide are now getting interested in how they are moving. This is good thing, because the conditions for dystonia are too frequently put in place early in musical training by faulty instruction in which the student is made to concentrate on what is being done with little or no attention to how it is being done.

  • How Body Mapping And The Alexander Technique Will Improve Your Playing.
    y David Nesmith, who writes that much of musicians' traditional music training has distracted us from movement, focusing instead on technique, musicality, and, more recently, the psychology of performing. The movement of playing is rarely taught at all, let alone with the needs of the body in mind. This article explains how the movement of playing needs to be taught directly, and musicians need to be specifically instructed on how to move freely.

  • What Every Musician Needs To Know About The Body.
    By David Nesmith
    , who explains that movement of playing needs to be taught directly as movement, and freedom of movement needs to be taught directly. This movement is just as important as that of a dancer or athlete, though more subtle and refined. Sometimes simple attention is enough to solve problems. At other times, however, movement must be retrained.

  • How To Avoid and Treat Guitar-Related Hand Injuries
    Hassaun Ali-Jones Bey writes that guitaristsí hand injuries are most often due to the repetitive stress of playing for hours on end without taking adequate breaks. Even though disabling pain may show up in the lower arm or hand, most injuries result from a chain of events that starts in the head.

  • Does Practicing Hurt?
    Article written by Dr. Marc Darrow MD, himself an accomplished musician
    .  He wonders how many guitarists have altered their style of playing from five-fingered riff blazing virtuosos to simple chord strumming rhythmists because of finger, hand, wrist and elbow pain. Certainly too many. This article focuses on those guitarists whose skill and dexterity has been robbed by painful fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows.

  • Rockin' Responsibly - from
    After years of entertaining the baby boomer generation, rock musician Mick Fleetwood and famed drummer of Fleetwood Mac is now drumming out an important message for his fans' hearing health ó how to keep rockin' responsibly. The "It's Hip to Hear" program educates baby boomers and music fans about the importance of hearing loss prevention and treatment, offering practical, everyday solutions to preserving hearing health.

  • Celebrities & Musicians with Tinnitus - a fairly comprehensive list of famous people and musicians suffering from tinnitus, garnered from various discussion boards, published interviews, magazines, radio & websites.

  • The Power Of Creative Limitation (A Guitarist's Hand Injury).
    An inspirational article by guitarist and musical instrument maker Paul Adams, who lost a few fingers in an accident early in his career.

  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in Guitarists - by Timothy J. Jameson, D.C., C.C.S.P.  Cubital Tunnel Syndrome begins with pain in the elbow area, along the inner side of the forearm. The pain can travel downwards towards the pinky, and can be accompanied by tingling or numbness sensations to the pinky side of the hand. This article discusses the typical pain patterns associated with cubital tunnel syndrome, and some suggestions for remedies and management of the injury

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Musicians Health Links

Check out the links below for more information and resources about musicians' health and injury.

  • H.E.A.R -
    Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers.  A comprehensive non-profit hearing information source for guitarists, musicians and music lovers.

  • Musicians
    Musician's Health is an educational web site devoted to the understanding and the explanation of musician's injuries, along with guidelines regarding injury prevention, optimizing musical performance, and for achieving an optimum state of health.

  • Musicians and Health
    A musician injuries web page by Paul Marxhausen with some excellent links and articles.

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