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Welcome to the GuitaroJam Members Club!

Hello Music Friends,

Welcome the the GuitaroJam Members Club, we hope you will find the resources here useful, interesting and informative.  Whether you would just like a good old read, or want to re-visit something you saw in a recent newsletter, you're sure to find it here amongst the articles and news archives. 

We have also included some recommended resources for those members with music or guitar websites who would like to earn extra income with affiliate links and adword advertising.  These are all materials we have bought and used ourselves when building the GuitaroJam site, so they come personally recommended.

The following guide outlines what is available in the various sections of the members site.  We hope you will visit often and get the full benefit of GuitaroJam membership, which of course is absolutely FREE!

Use it in good health, good music and for GREAT profits!

Cheers from us both,

Ray & Jean


GuitaroJam Newsletter Archive:
Be sure to read the FREE GuitaroJam newsletter and stay up-to-date on everything guitar and music.  In the Newsletter Archive, you will find all previous GuitaroJam newsletters, arranged in date order and calender year.  In order to make newsletters easy to search, each annual summary page contains the headline topics only.  Once you find the topic you want, one click will display the full version of the newsletter.


A Learners Journal:
Until recently, I had no intention of learning the guitar, but things changed quickly.  This is a sporadic diary which documents the learning journey from the outset -  I thought it might be of interest to other learners out there.  They are arranged in date order - happy reading!  .....Jean

Currently under construction, but will have access to the main GuitaroJam articles database, as well as articles for the "Earn $ Online" and "Webmasters Corner" pages.

Hoges Famous Music Catalogue:

Ray's extensive music catalogue, which can currently be viewed online, sorted by artist, then album title.  Eventually, the catalogue will be converted to database format, where interested music collectors can then perform searches by title or artist.

Earn $ Online:
This section has been created for those of you with guitar & music websites looking for additional ways to generate income.  Here you will find resources and merchants for your affiliate marketing activities, all recommended
by ourselves, and many of which you can see in evidence on the GuitaroJam website.

We hope you will find the information useful and will help to  increase the size of your income cheques!

Webmasters' Corner:
This section has been created for all those hardworking webmasters of guitar and music sites.  It contains a guide to some of the resources and materials which we found particularly helpful when designing and creating our website. 

Materials include internet marketing information and courses, as well as software tools guaranteed to make your life easier!



Earn $ Online
GuitaroJam Newsletter Archive
Hoges Music Catalogue
Southport News Excerpts

Webmasters Corner



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